Monthly Archive: June 2011

Jun 28 2011

DIY not?

After an exhaustive, entirely unscientific study consisting of Being Married and Putting On My Blogging Cap, I have concluded that there are exactly two kinds of people who live in homes. House People and Not House People. I devour posts on Houzz, have a subscription to This Old House magazine, and when the new IKEA …

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Jun 28 2011

What real estate is REALLY like

Yeah, it’s like that…

Jun 27 2011

Fight, Flight, or Freeze

If you’ve taken any kind of health class, you’ve heard of the fight or flight response. It’s the reaction to an outside stressor; you either do battle with what’s threatening you, or you run like hell. If outside stressors are chronic, the body can’t handle it and it begins to break down in various ways. …

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Jun 26 2011

The laziest of lazy Sundays

I’m not entirely sure how to say this. Bear with me. I… I… I think I might be bored. I know! I’m shocked speechless too! How is it possible to be overwhelmed to the point of hyperventilating and still bored to tears? Maybe it’s not boredom, maybe it’s just the unfamiliar sensation of being responsible …

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Jun 21 2011


I have a restless mind. I know this, I dislike this, I barely accept this. I have a hard time concentrating simply because I’m always thinking of the thing that needs to be done next, or something I should be doing, or something that isn’t getting done, or just flat-out going brain-numb from mental exhaustion. …

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Jun 17 2011

31 Flavors of Mom Guilt

I fear this summer will go down in family history as The Most Boring Summer of All Time. Not for me, but the boys. I feel horrible about that. No summer camps, no classes, no excursions. I have to say no to going to the children’s museum, the movies, the mini-golf because we don’t want …

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Jun 16 2011

Signed, sealed, delivered. Mostly.

It’s true, it’s something I’ve known for a long time, and I think I may finally have proof. Murphy lets his little Law poop on my lawn and doesn’t clean it up. I’ve recognized for some time that Murphy’s Law runs rampant here at the House of Chaos, but he had been gone for awhile. …

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Jun 14 2011

Case closed

When I was in fourth and fifth grade, I was part of a pull-out program for advanced students. Looking back, it was what passed as a gifted program, but it was the 80s and pretty progressive for the times. There were about a dozen of us or so, and for the most part we were …

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Jun 11 2011

Tres stylish

I may have a sick kid today (ok, yesterday…writing is taking me forever lately), I may have an unrelenting stress headache threatening to hang me by my entrails, and I may have been ordered to report for jury duty first thing Monday morning, but I’m a stylish blogger. The lovely Kate from Kate Arms-Roberts sent …

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Jun 07 2011

Executive Function: I hate this CEO

Gentle readers, if you happen to have a 10 year old child who does not suffer from executive function issues, count yourself extremely lucky. Go buy a damned lottery ticket. I envy you in a way that is not healthy, not polite, and is likely breaking at least one commandment. I have finally decided that …

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