Jun 17 2011

31 Flavors of Mom Guilt

I fear this summer will go down in family history as The Most Boring Summer of All Time. Not for me, but the boys. I feel horrible about that. No summer camps, no classes, no excursions. I have to say no to going to the children’s museum, the movies, the mini-golf because we don’t want to spend money right before a move. We have to keep the house immaculate (even now, because we still have to get through an inspection and appraisal). My mind is a hundred different places, I’d rather eat glass than grease myself into a swimsuit, and most of their friends have plans so there are very few¬†impromptu play dates. Mid-June and we all have cabin fever.

Thirty-one Flavors of Mom Guilt and not one flavor is edible. When does the Mom Guilt end? Ever? I need to work, but I want to spend time with them. I need to spend time with them, but I want to work. I want to go out and do stuff with the boys, but in all painful honesty, after three months of parenting without a break, I’m also rather tired of them. I feel guilty about damned near everything right now, for no discernable reason.

I’m just tired. More than ready for a change. And desperate for the 31 Flavors of Mom Guilt to end.


comments closed. i’m fully aware that i’m whining. and that i should be grateful. and that this is truly a First World Problem. doesn’t make the guilt go away.