Dec 17 2007

A little housekeeping

In my attempts to update this happy lil’ corner of the blogosphere, I’m trying to keep up with things so they don’t overwhelm me to the point I sit in the corner and weep.

The Witty Blogger AwardKat awarded me the Witty Blogger Award this weekend. Woohoo! It’s truly a case of laugh to keep from screaming (and if I wasn’t terrified of Tom’s family reading here, I’d send the link to his sister, who is extraordinary at laughing to keep from screaming). But I really appreciate the award, ’cause I love wittiness. ; )

Tendrils passed me the Merry Christmas Award. Neither one of us has any idea what it is, or what it is for, but I’m all for holiday cheer right now. And fudge.
Merry Christmas Award

DAY TO READ campaign - January 10, 2008

Please notice…I actually updated my blogroll. I beg of you, do not pass out from shock. Next up…new template! {gasp!}

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