Jun 23 2008

Another letter

Dear Body,

I still haven’t received a response from the letter dated April 24th. Very rude to not reply, you know. Miss Manners would not approve.

Did you think I wouldn’t notice? That I’d let it all pass? What do you want from me?

I’ve had to go to a gluten-free/dairy-free diet because of you. Do you honestly think I wanted to go down this road? GFCF is a new lifestyle for me, and right now I’m not finding it terribly easy or cheap. But I’m persevering, because I feel better (much better) when that stuff isn’t coursing through my bloodstream. Ahem…your bloodstream.

See, I’m doing this for you, to make things easier for you.

And how am I thanked? Severe stomach pain if a wee bit of dairy sneaks by. Migraines out of the blue. Sudden and noticeable fatigue if some gluten cons its way in.

What do you want from me?

I know we’ll never look and feel as good as when we were 20, back when getting somewhere meant walking, distance be damned. That was also 2 years and 14 kids ago…wait…switch that…it just feels like that.

Don’t give me that look! No…nooooooo….don’t pout and sag like that! Stop it! Stop it!

Fine. Exercise is what you want? Really?

You promise to shape up and behave?

How about I do the one hundred pushups challenge? Would that make Your Highness happy? And walk? Then when the boys are back in school we go back to the New!And!Improved! rec center?

Ok. But you, Body, you fickle bitch, I expect something from you. Knock off the stomach issues, fatigue, and migraines. I’m too young to feel this old.

Love and kisses,



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  1. RC

    Ah yes… Our bodies have gotten fickle with age, haven’t they? I would like to know why mine is protesting every itsy-bitsy, tiny bit of dairy lately. **sigh**

  2. Karin

    Well, I did it. I used to be able to do a lot more pushups than I can now. But I’ll try and keep up with it with you…lol!

  3. Christina Shaver

    TOTALLY agree with the 20 year old walking everywhere thing!!

  4. eatplaylove

    is there anyone to make fun of my pushup technique if I sign up for the challenge?

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