Oct 31 2008

Because the sugar is messing with my brain

No, really, no sugar here. Yet. Besides, half that stuff has wheat in it. Seriously, who puts wheat in candy? Twizzlers, that’s who. So tonight, in addition to checking the boys’ candy for razor blades and needles and visible signs of poisoning, I’ll be checking for hidden gluten. Sigh. Sucks all the fun out of Halloween. Dudes, knock off the hidden wheat. No fair.

But something is affecting me. Something is driving my brain to make stupid unusual decisions, to take chances and make mistakes and learn something new. Or something like that.

God help me, I think I’m going to do NaBloPoMo. You know, ’cause I don’t have enough going on in my life. So I’m asking for help here. While I do have topics floating around my over-caffeinated brain, I could use more. Memes. Questions you’ve been dying to ask me {’cause I don’t share enough about myself here, I’m sure}. Topic challenges. And I’ll get through NaBlogPoMo with some sanity still intact.

Halloween. Today we have one (1) Indiana Jones with a hat that makes him look like a hillbilly, one (1) Dark Knight Batman that needs reflective tape so I won’t freak out about the Trick or Treating tonight, and one (1) dog that I love too much to try to costume. I have to hit the Red Dot Boutique today to get more candy. I don’t think the 2 ginormous bags I got from Costco is going to cut it. No, really. Today is supposed to be the warmest Halloween in about 10 years–77 degrees today. And it’s Friday. So kids are going to be out longer, later, and traveling farther. I’m not the only one; a local columnist made the exact same observation in this morning’s paper, so I feel justified in getting more sugar. And then, next week, the Candy Fairy will make her appearance. She will take the candy and leave a small toy for each boy in exchange. And their dentist will thank me.

And there was something else…but I can’t remember it. Eh, it’ll come to me Sunday during the long prayer. And then I’ll have one of the 30 different posts I’ll need for November. See! It’ll all work out.


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  1. Dawn on MDI

    no gluten? Yikes. Drop me a note and I’ll share my recipe for macaroons. They’re quick and easy to make, and they have no dairy (they do have eggs) and no gluten. They are one of my most popular varieties.

    As for ideas, how about something you thought would be real about motherhood that has turned out to be completely wrong, and maybe something that you never imagined would come with raising children that is now the highlight of the experience.

    Have fun tonight!

  2. cursingmama

    Candy Fairy! She is a great idea.

  3. Christina Shaver

    Good luck on the NaBloPoMo. I’ll try to keep up!

  4. Christina Shaver

    Keep up READING by the way…

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