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May 11 2017

{Book Review} Micro-Schools: Creating Personalized Learning on a Budget

I’m privileged to have a foot in both the homeschooling and public schooling worlds. I have a 7th grader in public school, a homeschooling high schooler, and I teach flute lessons to all ages, from all educational settings. And what I see is disturbing. The students I have in public high school are so stressed and …

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Jul 15 2015

{Book review} Gifted, Bullied, Resilient

Of all the chaos and trauma and drama around parenting a gifted or twice-exceptional kid, the one area we have been so lucky to tiptoe past is bullying. Don’t get me wrong, there were a few minor skirmishes, but when I think about what truly could have been, we dodged a cannonball. That’s not to say it …

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Feb 21 2014

The Life Organizer and self-care

I am no fan of February, not by a long shot. Crap tends to happen to me in that month, from the merely irritating to the sob-producing to the life-altering. March 1 is my favorite day of the year, simply because it is the furthest from February I will be for an entire year. This …

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Jul 30 2013

Book review: How to Work and Homeschool

In the last year or so, I’ve become an unofficial mentor of sorts to parents of gifted kids. I have a couple-three computer or phone conversation a month, talking to parents, passing along resources, commiserating, gently suggesting that maybe homeschooling should be considered. Inevitably I get one of two answers: “Oh, I could never homeschool, …

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Apr 11 2013

Book Review: Learning in the 21st Century: How to Connect, Collaborate, and Create

You’d think with the radio silence around here lately that I would have been reading up a storm. Not so much. The stack of library books here mocking me is certainly testament to that. Oh, how I miss the days of my youth, when I would sit and read for hours on end. Le sigh. …

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