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Oct 02 2017

Caring for your soul in this age of fear

Hey you. How’ya doin’? Hanging in there? One foot in front of the other and chin up and all that? Yeah. The world right now is a jagged rock of shit tumbling down the WTF avalanche bouncing around inside of an out of control dumpster fire, so I feel ya. I’m struggling too. Hand to …

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Nov 09 2016

The end of the world as we know it

With the exception of a quick one-off post last week about my beloved Cubs finally winning the World Series (something I had to do, as I’d made over 30 references to them and their losing streak over the last decade), I have been quiet here. I could rattle off several dozen reasons why, but it …

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May 24 2015

Still here. Still advocating for gifted kids.

So it’s been quite an interesting few days. Lots of online (and offline) conversations about gifted kids and parenting and the media and comediennes and poking fun and what it all really means. It’s a conversation that’s been had before and I’m sure it’ll come up again and again and again. The conversation will continue until …

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May 21 2015

That time The Today Show mocked gifted kids

Dear Today Show: Thanks so much for perpetuating the stereotype of gifted kids as hot-housed children hyper-managed by over-competitive suburban helicopter parents. In a brief, throwaway segment during this morning’s interview of Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, you managed to make it even tougher for parents who really are raising gifted kids. I needed more challenge this week; it wasn’t …

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Mar 09 2015

I didn’t opt my son out of the PARCC tests

When you make a decision, it’s YES or NO in one form or another. When you don’t make a decision, or put it off so long that it’s made for you, you’re still making a decision, you’ve just decided to remove yourself from the process. This is why my ten year old son went off to start …

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Nov 08 2014

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat

While I technically know that Christmas is just around the corner, I’m trying to ignore that fact until good ole’ Saint Nick makes his appearance at the Macy’s parade at the end of the month. I’ve bought exactly one gift as of this point (and it’s a family gift that we’ll use two full weeks before …

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Nov 07 2014

Well, hello there winter. Bugger off.

I’m just going to park this here: Just a reminder, for those who don’t know just how much I hate winter: How to stay warm in a Chicago winter. How to survive a Chicago winter polar vortex without losing your mind. The Long Winter…field trip. Late winter haiku to get us to spring. It’s the …

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Nov 04 2014

Breaking News: Election Day and I’m sick of all of it

Yes, I voted today. I think I’ve missed maybe only one primary election since I turned 18, something like that. I take my civic responsibility seriously, even if I’m sick to death of all of it. I was more interested in politics and the races a few years ago, but the money wasted spent on …

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Oct 13 2014

This is a test of the Mercury Retrograde system. This is only a test.

There was a time, not that long ago, when I’d have to keep on eye on the phases of the moon. Life here in the House of Chaos would go off the rails during a full moon, and I liked to stay on top of things. Of course, it wouldn’t be every full moon, because that …

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Sep 11 2014

If you didn’t live it, it’s just history to you

Thirteen years. A blink of an eye and yet a million years ago. Andy was a newborn who scoffed at sleep, I was a new mom who wanted to set fire to the phrase, “sleep like a baby,” because my baby didn’t sleep. And one beautiful September morning, after yet another night of it’s-kinda-sleep, after being …

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