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Jun 13 2017

Even grownups need blanket forts

A few weeks ago, on the cusp of final exams, one of my flute students came into her lesson, collapsed onto the chair and wearily declared: “When I’m done with finals I’m building a blanket fort and binge-watching Netflix for 12 hours.” It’s been that kind of spring for all of my students. It’s been …

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Jun 09 2016

gifted and averages

It is summer here in Chicago. You wouldn’t know it today, with the cool temperatures and rain, but it’s most definitely summer. Tomorrow it’s expected that the temps will hit the 90s for the first time in many months. It’s unusual to get that high that early in the season, and while I guess I should …

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Apr 04 2016

The mixed metaphors of parenting gifted and twice-exceptional teens

  Parenting teenagers is like nailing jello to a tree. I’m sure you’ve heard this. I heard it back when my boys were wee young things, when potty training was the issue du jour and I rarely got a moment to myself (wait…that was yesterday…never mind). However, I find it to be inaccurate. You can nail …

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Mar 01 2016

Dear Life

Dear Rosie, I just love when you come to a dead stop in front of me halfway up (or down) the stairs. I know in your sweet little peabrain mind that love means ensuring I keep my razor sharp reflexes as I desperately attempt to avoid going head over heels over your fuzzy little butt and/or …

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Jan 12 2015

Blog drift

My friend Pamela has a phrase that so perfectly sums up what and how I’m feeling right now it’s as though she lives in my head. It’s… Hold that thought. Everyone should have a friend like Pamela. Though we live a thousand miles apart and only met in person last summer when we were roommates at the …

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Jul 08 2014

What’s in a blog name?

Could your blog’s name subconsciously influence your life? When I first started writing this blog, lo those many years ago, it was under the name Never a Dull Moment. Made sense. I had a four year old and a one year old and dear god dull moments were few and far between. So few and far between …

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Jul 02 2013

It’s a little drafty in here

I’ve almost recovered from the worst bout of flu I’ve experienced in…ever. I say almost because I’m still miserable as hell, fall over with fatigue at about 4:30, someone is hiding their shiv in my throat, and I whimper with pain and fatigue and misery when I wake up in the morning. But other than …

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Jun 26 2013

How to get an unplanned break

Step one: Contract Zombie Flu Step all the rest: You have Zombie Flu. Nothing will be accomplished now. May the break commence. I’ve been knocked on my rapidly spreading behind for the last two days by the worst virus to pay me a bodily visit in recent memory. I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid illness …

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May 11 2013

What I want for Mother’s Day

It’s National Teachers’ Week here in the States, with Mother’s Day this Sunday. Methinks there should be a homeschooled 12 year old boy catering to my every whim right now, but like many things I find myself a wee bit disappointed in that area. Then I thought, perhaps my whims were unknown! Perhaps I should …

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May 01 2013


Today is the first day we’ve had the windows open in six months. We’re so confident hopeful that spring may have actually arrived that Tom took the plastic sheeting off the windows. The tulips in our yard are hesitantly poking up, fully expecting to be frozen, the trees are starting to show the very slightest …

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