Dec 26 2009

Coming up for air

Recovered from Christmas yet? I haven’t. See, a certain little 8 year old boy didn’t fall asleep on Christmas Eve until nearly midnight. Excitement, worry about daddy who wasn’t home from singing a later church service… Oh, and he rigged his door open so he could hear everything. Needless to say, it was late when we got to bed. And then Christmas burst into our room at the unholy hour of 5:15. That’s a.m., folks. Yesterday morning was spent pouring Bailey’s into coffee, and yesterday afternoon was spent pouring diet Pepsi down my throat. There indeed was a nap (by me) and hyperactivity (the boys). We didn’t leave the house yesterday, didn’t leave the house today. Might want to venture out tomorrow before we all get cabin fever and try to chew each others legs off. Don’t care to start 2010 missing a limb.


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  1. Wendy

    Isn’t it nice when you can spend the holidays holed up at home?

  2. Theresa

    I hear that! I am all to eager to get out of the house with a whole week of winter break looming…

  3. ella

    Nearly midnight? Try almost 3am. The excitement was almost too much for my kiddo to bear and the snowstorm/blizzard winds were so loud that the cats couldn’t sleep either and they kept going into his room for comfort. Then, the panic set in that maybe Santa wasn’t coming since he was still awake at an ungodly hour. Fortunately, he slept until almost 10am so some sleep was had by all. We’ll miss these days when they’re 15 or so I’m told.

  4. Amy

    I feel your pain. We were up late and then up again way too early for Christmas. Thank goodness for coffee is all I can say.
    Best of luck with getting out of the house. I think we need to be doing a little of that our own selves!
    And thanks for wanting to follow me to my other blog. Here’s the link

  5. Mrs4444

    It is SUCH a treat when the kids are old enough to stop waiting up for Santa (and thus forcing us to stay up til 2am doing the gifting stuff). I’m also happy that we stopped running out on Christmas Eve years ago and had our own traditions here at home; it meant the kids got to bed at a reasonable hour so that when they got us up EARLY, it wasn’t so bad the rest of the nap-less day! 🙂

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