Oct 02 2008

Dear God, NO!

Really, if you haven’t seen this, you’re in for a terrible treat. Get a drink. I don’t give a damn if it’s 10 am, you really don’t want to see this sober. I cried. Seriously, politics aside, she’s terrible. As a flutist and flute teacher, sweet Jesus, she’s terrible. Breath support non-existant. No technique. Easiest piece ever. Wanna impress me? Get the fingers moving. Oh.My.God. Get a drink. Trust me.


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  1. Robin

    Aack! My ears – they’re BLEEDING!!

  2. Angie @ Keep Believing

    This is so mean. Sorry to not be in on thinking the joke is funny. Honestly, this may be terrible, but being someone who cannot play any instrument at all, I have no room to talk. My best talent is singing and my singing would probably leave the most accomplished and even less accomplished singer would cringe at me. My kids love it, though.

    Regardless, the orchestra behind her sounds even worse. Or is that a soundtrack?


  3. Christina Shaver

    You got me at “arranged by Sarah’s favorite artist… JAMES GALLWAY????” Seriously. Seriously. SERIOUSLY?!!??!?!?!!?!?!?!??!!!!!?!?

    Sorry for shouting on your blog, by the way. I just needed to drown out the sound a wee bit.

  4. melissaz

    Wow. And that’s after playing for ten years?

    Her parents need to get their money back…

  5. mrsvierkant

    Stop the insanity. OMG. My ears are bleeding. 😉 LOL. I haven’t played a flute in 20 years, and I probably could play better than that. YIKES….

    I did not realize you were a flutist and teacher. Yet another reason to like you.

    I was a flute and piccolo player back in my younger days. (Better at piccolo than flute.)

  6. Michelle


    Thought of you when Tina Fey did her parody last weekend and played the flute….sooo funny. Have you seen it yet? You gotta youtube it.

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