Feb 15 2006

Death and taxes

Well, no death, but my taxes are finally done. Ok, not done, but the damn paperwork is all in order so I can take ’em to my tax preparer. I refuse to do our taxes. I don’t have the skill, or the time, or the patience and I sure as hell don’t want to take the chance that I would screw them up. Which I would. Because I don’t have the skill, or the time, or the patience. So I have a huge honkin’ envelope with paper and a prayer that we don’t owe money. Please, oh please, a hefty refund. I finally wised up and included non-reimbursed/non-covered by insurance medical expenses. Holy Hell. That was a big number. Who knew? I don’t want to know what I missed in previous years ’cause this is the first year I FIGURED OUT THAT I COULD INCLUDE THESE. Live and learn. Duh. With any luck, I’ll know next week what it looks like, and shortly after that, have a (please oh please) hefty check direct deposited into our account. Gotta love e-file/direct deposit. Really, I live in a “NOW” world. Please, oh please, a hefty refund…. LOL

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  1. Theresa

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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