Aug 18 2008

Deja vu all over again

There’s green crayon melted inside my dryer and laundry is stacking up like planes over Ohare the day before Thanksgiving.

Ahh….so good to be home. Sigh…


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  1. RC

    Crayola hits again!?!?!?!?

  2. melissaz

    Oh I just hate it when the crayon strikes!

  3. Karin

    Oy. Welcome home? At least you know how to get it out this time. 🙁

  4. Lisa

    You have GOT to be kidding!!

  5. Mama Zen

    Welcome back!

  6. munchkinsandmusic

    Oh boy!

  7. momumo

    WTF? This can’t be real, it has to be leftover phantom crayon from last time… clearly there are more gremlins out there on prairie than I ever imagined

  8. denise @ EatPlayLove

    welcome back…

  9. mrsvierkant

    OMG… That just sucks, but you knew that. Hope it comes out easily for you. Welcome back.

  10. Dawn on MDI

    You know what’s funny? I thought of you today while in Paradis’ True Value Hardware store in Bar Harbor. And is is funny, in an amusing-isn’t-that-kinda-neat way, not a creepy-why-is-a-lesbian-in-Maine-thinking-of-me-while-she’s-in-the-hardware-store kind of way.

    In my enthusiasm to SAFELY remove the aluminum storm windows and their frames, I duct taped the bejeezus out of them. They stayed together perfectly. The parts did not fall of or get mixed around so as to never go back together again properly.

    But they got gummy. That particular kind of gummy that only comes from using duct tape on glass, especially if the duct tape had spent the previous year of its life under the seat of my pickup truck. You know the phenomenon.

    So I had to get this stuff off. The guy at the store took me out of the solvent aisle and over to the cleaning products aisle, which it should be mentioned is an aisle I have previously NEVER visited.

    “This is the stuff” he proclaimed and handed me a small pray bottle, the kind with the trigger like window stuff comes in, only much smaller, like 6 or 8 ounces. The liquid inside was yellow-orange and smelled of citrus. He pledged that it would de-gunk ANYTHING. He once spilled a full can of oil-based paint on a rolled-up antique braided rug. The paint went through every roll, between every crevice, all the way to the center of the roll. He bought a case of this stuff and got the whole thing clean.

    The stuff is called De-Solv-it. It cost about six bucks for the bottle and I used barely a quarter cup to de-gooify the glass and the aluminum frames. No nasty smell, no heavy duty gloves, no gas mask. This stuff was a dream.

    And it says on the tag: “Works 100% of the time. Even in laundry.”

    It claims to work on: price stickers, spaghetti sauce, shoe polish, lipstick, candle wax, grease, wet paint, soap scum, crayon and gum.

    The first generation of this stuff was called Orange Solvent and it came out in the 70s. This stuff is absolutely fantastic.

    And when I saw the bit about the crayons, I remembered your post and thought I’d pass it along.

    Wait a minute – in teeny print there is a phone number. 1-800-877-7771. and a website: http://www.orange-sol.com

    Good luck.

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