Dec 07 2008

Drop everything and go see Bolt

We rarely go  to the movies as a family. Too expensive. Today it was a whopping $38 to get in. But today we went to see Disney’s Bolt.

You must go.

You must see it in 3D.

I am not kidding around here.

From the first scene our jaws dropped. The colors were more vibrant, the depth from the 3D was stunning, and the attention to detail was incredible. Disney has topped itself.

The story? Much like The Incredible Journey, but with a deeper storyline. And dialogue. The hamster, Rhino, was about the funniest character I’ve seen in awhile. He stole the film.

There were a few scary scenes, but trust me, if A could handle them, any kid could. He tends to freak out in movies and was fine with this one. Loved it.

So. Go see it. And now my large popcorn has worn off and I need some dinner.


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  1. melissaz

    You are so right! I can just hear the hamster talking about the awesomeness!

  2. Cathy

    Thanks for the review–I’ll have to take the boys on Christmas break.

  3. jennie

    We saw it on black Friday but sans the 3D, the boy totally freaks out with 3D. We all really enjoyed it, even the girl.

  4. RC

    Thinking Little Dude is too little yet, but would love to go. He wouldn’t keep his 3D glasses on at any of the WDW shows, on our trip.

    Glad you had fun. And hope you ate lots of popcorn for me.

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