Dec 11 2007

Feeling the love

Robin over at Around the Island has given me a wonderful gift: the Less Than 3 award.

Less Than 3 Award(hint: if you look at it sideways, it looks like a heart)

I was blown away by this yesterday. I’ve been feeling a wee leetle bit grumpy lately, for absolutely no reason, and then this came my way. Robin and I have become friends, for we both have difficult children and are desperately trying to not go completely mental. Oh, and a belief that red wine cures what ails ya. 😉 So Robin, thank you so much.

Now, I’m to pass the love on to another. Now, I’d pass it on to Robin in a heartbeat, but I’m pretty sure I’m to pass it along to someone new. I’m sending it to Hula Doula, for teaching us that loving our fellow man is more than lip service, especially this time of year. Please, under her categories, read the posts under “stories that move me.” HD is someone special. Go give her some bloggy love.

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