Jun 02 2006

Further proof that Murphy lives here

It was all going so well. The boys were sunscreened up (me, too), helmets on, water bottles in tow, everyone changed or peed. We were going on a 3 mile walk around the community. It wasn’t my run, but in the time constraints I have today, good enough. And then…one block from home, a flat tire. Not just a flat tire, but a very flat and no way to fill and stay filled tire. So back home, pushing J in his trike, pushing A’s bike, uphill I kid you not. We live at the top of a ridge, so every way is uphill.

It’s 90 degrees today, at least 100 in the garage where the treadmill is. Think I’m going out there to run? No.Honkin’.Way.

So A and I will go run a couple of errands now. Hopefully Murphy has been staying away from the van’s tires.

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