Dec 11 2008

Happy Christmas, now with Bonus! Dog! Hair!

Hope no one getting gifts from us this year is allergic to dogs. ‘Cause that stuff is everywhere. And since I hate wrapping gifts with a wild passion, I was less than vigilant removing it from the boxes as I wrapped. What is on that hair? It has magnetic properties! Sticks to everything and anything.

One day left til we load up the MomVan and head out. Am I ready? Not by a long shot, cards may go out at New Year’s, but at least the gifts are wrapped.

Next year I’m staying home. Le sigh…


  1. RC

    My gifts come with free baby drool and cat fur, so don’t worry about the dog hair.

  2. cursingmama

    After you return from the big holiday adventure….
    investigate the Furminator.

  3. tendrils

    LOL! Mine come with cat hair! 😉

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