Dec 30 2006

He’s all mine, ladies

I am married to such a good man. Right now, in the wake of a blizzard, he is outside shoveling our neighbor’s driveway. It is so foggy I can’t see him and he’s out there. The neighbors in question left yesterday to have their first child (we assume they’re at the hospital cause, really, where are you going to go during a blizzard with a woman two days past her due date?). Their driveway is under 9 inches of snow, so Tom is clearing it out for them. The hubby will be in no condition to do it when he gets home. We know what they’re in for, and shoveling isn’t even on the list (insert evil giggle here).
Now excuse me, for A has “locked” J in the storage room in the basement. We gotta get out of the house today or we’re all going to end up in a padded room.

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  1. Andrea

    What a guy! I’m sure they’ll be so happy to see a cleared driveway when they come home. And you’re right – they won’t be up for much more!

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