Aug 28 2006

I guess I do look as old as I feel

Twist the knife, why don’tja? Yesterday I was talking to the choir director and organist at church. The topic of age differences in relationships came up and I said that Tom and I don’t talk about our age difference because he’s 7 years older than me (yes, technically, he could have been my high school teacher…). Then I laughed and said that next month he has a birthday that ends in a zero. The organist looked over at me and said in disbelief, “five?”. No, I laughed, four, and I won’t tell him that you said that. Uh-huh. Took me a solid three hours to realize that that meant she thought I was 43!! Oh, that’s not good. It’s time to ditch the glasses, get a belly button ring, and find a legit tattoo artist. ; )

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