Jan 26 2006

Keeping those plates spinning

This has been my last couple of days. As long as I keep the plates spinning, all is well. If one slows, it all comes tumbling down. I’ve had plates in my life crash lately, and while I don’t like it, I’m ok with it. As long as it is not my boys’ plates that crash. So I keep them going and destroy the “flute teacher” plate, the “me” plate, and the “sanity” plate. I’m running out of glue…and analogies. I had a great post in my head earlier today (which happens when you’re sitting with your thumb up your butt ’cause your flute student was sick and forgot to call and cancel and you suddenly have 2 hours with nothing to do) and now that I’m minutes from complete exhaustion and my bed is calling to me, it is gone. I even took notes (!!!) on what I wanted to write about during that 2 hour hiatus from reality, and I’m too pooped to care. So tomorrow I will be witty, I will be charming, I will actually post before I crack my skull open yawning.

Tomorrow: why not every kid should take music lessons and rules for parents to follow if lessons are secured for aforementioned child. There will be mild profanity and this will likely be a wild rant. LOL

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