Nov 09 2010

Let it snow

Ah…first snow of the year. Not much of a snow, more like a cold, heavy rain. Something we’ve learned living in Colorado is that snow is really no big deal. It’s not the end of the world, it’s not gonna stick around turning grey for six months, it’s just a colder form of precipitation. A rather Zen perspective, no?

Growing up in Chicago, snow was…SNOW!!!! Once it showed up, life as you knew it was over. Cold and snow and cold until May or so. And more cold. And some wind. And cold.

We used to celebrate First Snow with a Chinese hot pot (Google it, I’m typing this with a single thumb on my iPhone), but I fell out of the habit after getting married. And when snow isn’t SNOW!!!!, it isn’t as big a deal. I do miss it though. Something I’d like to bring back now that the boys are a little older.

So it snowed today and melted almost as fast. But…there’s another storm on the horizon, and this one could be SNOW!!!!

I’m just not ready for a snow day yet.


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  1. ChiTown Girl

    Real snow or not, I’m TOTALLY jealous!!!
    ChiTown Girl recently posted…Lets talk turkey!My Profile

    1. Jen

      You can have it!

  2. Benoit

    Personnaly, I prefer snow than rain, even if it’s harder to drive on.
    Here, we have…rain…cold and wet.

    1. Jen

      I don’t mind snow as long as it doesn’t stick around for weeks on end. We do also get the cold rain, been dealing with that for a few days now.

  3. Nancy Campbell

    I had snow in your fine state when I’ve visited in May (as you recall), and in October. Your state is beautiful, but fucking weird.

    PS–I’ll be there again in July
    Nancy Campbell recently posted…Here We Go An Oyster-ingMy Profile

    1. Jen

      You bring snow in July and you’re never allowed back! 😉

  4. Lori

    As a born and raised in Chicago gal too I completely get it!! i love the “snow” and the “not snow” here in Colorado! My family back home still don’t believe me….
    Lori recently posted…me so pretty…My Profile

    1. Jen

      Look outside! Snow is mostly gone! And I’m sitting in the sun! 😉

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