Nov 06 2008

Mom to the rescue!

My parents managed to snag cheap tickets to Denver from Chicago at Thanksgiving…no mean feat. Cheap tix, no blackout dates, get to eat turkey with us…it’s a great thing. See, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. And I’m pretty sure it’s my brother’s favorite, for probably the same reasons. I’ll get into all of that closer to Turkey Day.

But my mom will be here at the end of the month and has offered to assist in my shopping dilemma. Because neither of us is insane enough to join the throngs on Black Friday, we will lose the boys and the men and go shopping on Wednesday.

‘Cause, dang, the muffin tops are cold.

Moms rock. 🙂


  1. Dawn on MDI

    very cool. I am curious about others’ holiday traditions – maybe a post about your thanksgiving rituals later this month? Favorite foods? Stuff aunt M used to make that nobody liked, that kind of thing? Just thinking. It is very neat that your mom is going to come, that you are happy about that fact, and that you are looking forward to going shopping with her. My aunt will be driving up from Massachusetts for the weekend and we may do some shopping, but not the crazy stuff like we used to do. Enjoy!

  2. cursingmama

    I think I’ll email you my list of people to buy for since you’ve got reinforcements 😉

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