Mar 15 2008

No kidding…

90%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Robin

    Me? I’m so addicted that I just went off to take a quiz about it LOL, where I got a “mere” 85%.

  2. MRMacrum

    51% here. Odd, I would have thought blogging had it’s hooks buried deeper than that.

  3. RC

    78% for me… I’m impressed that it isn’t more… 😉

  4. Lisa

    I’m a bit shocked that I “only” scored a 67%. Doesn’t seem right somehow….

  5. Denise

    64% geez… I can’t imagine how crazy about blogs you must be to get a 90% j/k…I think my score was so low because I haven’t ventured into the readers yet, I still stop by every blog I read!

  6. Michelle

    no way!

  7. karen (Pediascribe)

    Hmmmm, I’m surprised. I’m only 77% addicted. Thought it’d be higher.

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