Apr 08 2010

Runner’s High? I’m not feeling a Runner’s High

As a general rule, I’m not a huge fan of running. I don’t run for shoe sales, I don’t run for wedding dresses, I might run if I’m being chased.

And yet I signed up for a 10k training class.

Tonight was the very first class, I’ve just returned, and shock of the year I survived. But I learned a few things. Learn from me, my children…

  • Do not, under any circumstances, sign up for a 10k running class if the last time you ran was four years ago.
  • Even if you think that dinner a full hour before class should be ok, you will be wrong. Terribly wrong.
  • 2 1/2 miles on a day that you had to get up out of bed at 3:OMFG:45 am to take your son to the hospital for a minor surgical procedure (and he’s fine, BTW), is not exactly the smartest thing to do. See also the very first bullet point.
  • Running on a track at a park that just put down fresh sod is…ahem…an odiferous experience.
  • The promise of a shower, buttered popcorn, and red wine once this hell is over will get me through damned near anything.
  • New running shoes might be a good idea.
  • Ibuprofin before running or training is an even better idea.
  • That I kinda sorta maybe might have agreed to run a half marathon with a friend this summer was effing stupid and I am reconsidering that decision.
  • An investment in new sports bras is in my future. I may not have much, but I’d like to keep them from giving me a black eye.

Shower. Popcorn. Wine. Bed.


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  1. endswith8741

    Did not come close to running today, but like your shower, popcorn, wine, bed combo.

    Here’s wishing you a FABULOUS night’s sleep and a perfectly flexibly, limber body when you arise…

  2. Subadra

    So, you survived the day…enjoy the wine! You did not mention if you are going back for the next meeting…It does get better you know…:)

    who mentally does the running and not the real thing, though it would help her if she did the real thing…sigh


  3. ChiTown Girl

    Seriously, woman, what the HELL were you thinking?!

  4. denise

    WTG Jen! I always believed I wasn’t a runner, but you know what EVERYONE can be. EVERYONE! I can’t wait to read your turning point post, they’ll be one and will sing from the mountain tops. Love- The woman that hasn’t run in a really long time.

  5. Mrs4444

    This cracks me up; the thought of me doing such a thing is really funny! Good for you!!

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