Mar 26 2008

So what’s your GreenIQ?

I got this link from Karen at Pediascribe to test your GreenIQ.

My GreenIQ is 56

Here’s what they had to say about my score:

Despite the fact that you scored just under or just over 50%, you have a relatively high GreenIQ. This means that you are very aware of your lifestyle and how it affects the planet, you also are working on reducing your carbon emissions through your transportation choices and home environment. But that doesn’t mean that you are even close to perfect or carbon neutral. You still have room for improvement. Our product suggestions and tips can help you increase your GreenIQ and even further reduce your carbon emissions.

Frankly, I’m surprised I scored that high. Many of the things I got credit for are things I just started doing in the last few months. And I know my score was affected by the fact that I have to drive everywhere, and I’m sure my score would be even lower if they asked “do you drive insane amounts to get your children to and from school?” I guess they evened each other out.

So go test yourself, post about how you did, and what you’re going to do to improve your score. Me? As I run out of things in the house (cleaners, shampoo, stuff like that), I’m replacing them with earth-friendly products. More expensive, yes, but these tend to be more concentrated so you use less anyway. And if I can’t pronounce the ingredients, they shouldn’t be in my house.


Speaking of green…sorta…I’m going to scream. I just looked out the window where the landscapers have been working on the school’s land today.  And.there.are.trees.behind.my.house. Ordinarily I’d be thrilled. Yay trees. But these trees are going to grow and freaking block my beautiful views of Longs Peak. Son.Of.A.$*&@#$@!!!!!!

Ok…double checked…unless these suckers are Redwoods, my view is safe. ; ) But, they are still a hazard…they are just little twigs planted in the ground and with the winds we get they could get airborne and cause harm. ‘Cause it’s all fun and games until someone gets impaled by a teeny tiny tree.


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  1. karen (Pediascribe)

    I got an 87. But I didn’t like that it was an “all or nothing” kinda quiz. “Do you use CFL’s?”
    Well, yes. In some of our lights. I’m not throwing out bulbs just to replace them. Must wait until they burn out. And some won’t accept them b/c of the way the shade is.
    “Do you pay your bills online?”
    Well, yeah, most of them, but some I don’t.
    It would have been nice if they did a rating system like “All of the time, some of the time, occasionally, never.”

  2. Lisa

    Wow, I’m impressed with karen’s score. I got a 59. I’m not really sure what to make of that. I’ve always thought I was pretty environmentally conscience. Oh well, I guess I’d better work on improving that score, huh?

  3. Tootsie Farklepants

    I think just living in Los Angeles would put me at a severe disadvantage. Guilty by smog association.

  4. cursingmama

    Will quiz away and post soon.

  5. Denise

    I got a 78, I guess we’ll have a green tutorial during our next playdate. Ha…

  6. johnny9k

    Thanks for posting about this, I’d never heard of it. I got a 61 but I put the gas usage for both my husband and I and I’m now thinking it was supposed to be just for my car.
    I got to your site from unplugged mom’s post.

  7. Jonah Lisa

    Great Quiz! I posted it and linked to you on my blog. Thanks!

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