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So why a blog?
So why a blog?

So why a blog?

Really, it comes down to “why not?” Yeah, blogs are trendy right now and mommy bloggers are the hot news item, but I don’t think that’s why I decided to do this. I’m far from trendy and certainly not hot (though my husband would argue that point; love that man!), it just sounded like something I could have fun with. I’ve been reading blogs for close to a year, and have been so inspired by so many bloggers out there. So here I am, spending what little free time I have doing more on the computer, and loving it.

So why the title? Well, I found myself saying “Never a dull moment” at least once a day, if not more, usually when describing my boys. Two boys. God has a sense of humor, this is proof. One is 4 1/2 and truly a Master Thespian. Actually, he is Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. I used to laugh at that comic because it was funny; now I laugh to keep from screaming. We are living that strip. The other is 18 months and the happiest child I’ve ever known. Really, do children come this happy? So Master Thespian and Happy Boy are the career of my heart; music is the career of my soul. I’m a semi-professional flutist, with (probably unlikely) hopes of picking up what’s left of my flute playing once the boys are older. Who am I kidding? Once they hit school is when the busyness hits! I teach flute lessons once a week, and as most of them are girls, they have been unofficially adopted by me to be my daughters. I’ve been married almost 10 years to a wonderful man who is the most loving and supportive person I’ve ever known. I’m a lucky woman.

I’m a scrapbooker. It’s moved past hobby, past obsession, and has now become an illness. My goal is to finish 300 pages this year; came close in 2005. With Master Thespian and Happy Boy, I’ll never be caught up. Too many pictures. A good problem to have.

I love to read. Although, lately, my reading has been less fiction and more mindless magazines and child behavior books. Gotta change that!

I have over 80 movies in my Netflix queue and tend to keep the movies at least 3 weeks. Again, I’ll never be caught up.

I’ve gotten sucked into geneology. No one in my family is doing it and it’s too important to not do, so I’m doing it. Finding out some interesting things, and hope to get to the bottom of some old family rumors.

I love to travel, but that has been tempered by having to drag car seats and diaper bags along. If you were behind us in security at Christmas 2004, I deeply apologize. We had no idea we would be that bad.

My husband is a MUCH better writer than I am. Friends look forward to his XMAS letter every year and say he should copywrite them before they get ripped off. Eventually I’ll tie him to the computer to start a blog.

This quickie post has gotten much too long. I’ll leave with my newest and most favorite quote:

we can’t control the wave, but we can learn to surf


  1. Well, Sista, I’m done!! I’m a little horrified at what a complete loser I’ve been for the past 30ish hours. Luckily, I still managed to do all the “important” things, like work and take care of my child, not to mention hold a board meeting for the parents’ club of my son’s school tonight. I’ll just have to suffer tomorrow for the sleep I gave up last night and tonight because of my reading. LOSER!!!

    Seriously, I’ve truly enjoyed my voyeuristic trip through the past 2 years of your life. I will be checking back daily!!

    Just another little tidbit, and funny coincidence…I, too, played the flute from the 3rd grade until I graduated high school. I’ve kicked myself a jabillion times for letting it fall to the wayside when I started college. And, I was pretty damn good, if I can toot my own flute for a minute 😉 Well, as good as one can be in high school, I suppose. First chair, as well as piccolo. I’ve been saying for years now that I was going to start playing again, and perhaps seeking out some refresher lessons. I think you’ve given me just the inspiration I needed to seriously pursue this goal.

    Well, until tomorrow, good night, Soul Sista!!

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