Mar 11 2008

Someday it will all make sense

Crum has challenged me with one of the toughest memes I’ve seen in awhile: the six word memoir. My first thought was, “Holy Heck, I’m only 34, a memoir?????” And then I thought, “Hey, how fun!” And then I realized this was going to be a mind bender. Like Haiku. Or clean limericks. Oh help. So let’s see what my crazed mind can come up with…


My life plans. What’re they again?

Missing: one brain, loved and lost

You know, these are less memoir and more themes. Let me try again…

Searching for answers with more questions

Never thought I’d have two boys

My life path is a zig-zag (is zig-zag one word or two?)

And my favorite:

Someday it will all make sense

Ok, that’s all I can do tonight. Because I’m all about sharing the torture love, I’m tagging EatPlayLove (who I met today and she is awesome!!!), Queen of Shake-Shake, Poetikat, Three Little Words, and Vintage Thirty. Oh, have fun, y’all. 🙂


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  1. Tootsie Farklepants

    And here I was all innocently checking in before I go to bed……Mind bender indeed! Thaaaaaanks.

  2. MRMacrum

    I like your last effort best. It seems appropriate for a mother with 2 young boys.

    This was a tough one indeed. At least if thought about seriously. Although Noah took about 30 seconds to get his down. But he really seems to know himself and where he’s headed. At his age not loaded up yet with what Life loads up us up with, the path seems so much more clear.

  3. tendrils

    very cool….. ;( sniff sniff…… Can I play too? 😉 (Maybe I should wait until next week when I can once again be HONEST on my blog! 😉 My news will be out by then!) LOL…

  4. Denise

    hmm..let’s see how long it takes me to muster up the right 6 itty bitty words.. btw..I am so glad we met!

  5. Heather

    Ok…here’s mine!

    Can’t open wine bottle fast enough!

    How’s that?

  6. michelle

    I love 6 word stories!

  7. mertonens

    There’s definitely a trend with you girls and bottles of wine! I remember those days, that was before…wait, this could be my six words. I’ll get back to you.


  8. mertonens

    Right. I’m finally getting back to you on this one. It’s only been 5 days and it’s taken me that long to come up with it. Actually, my mother inadvertently gave me half of it.

    Published poet, unpaid; loved life nonetheless.

    Not bad, huh?


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