Oct 03 2007

The anti-Midas touch

I think my feng shui is lopsided, my planets are misaligned, and my aura is rusting. For the last several days, everything I touch goes…well, you know that sound when you blow up a balloon and let go? Yeah, that sound.
Computer keeps crashing and having alzheimer’s moments.
I lost all internet this morning.
Our insurance company denied that A had coverage yesterday, making getting his ADHD meds oh so much fun.
I called to see when the heck I was going to get my 1/4 cow…and the guy hasn’t called me back yet. I think either the fax didn’t go through or they lost my order. If I’m out my beef, I’m gonna cry.
This is only a small segment of the last few days.
I am going out of town this weekend, and if I’m going to make it there in one piece, and with my sanity intact, I’m going offline until Monday to polish my aura. Or something like that.

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