Nov 01 2008

The shark, it has been jumped

Yeah…right now watching the beginning of SNL. It’s over. His campaign is over. Tuesday, please get here already. Since it’s still on, the clip isn’t online yet. So if you haven’t watched it, go hit YouTube. OMG.


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  1. karen (Pediascribe)

    Nah, I personally like someone who can poke fun at themselves.

  2. Dawn on MDI

    Thank god he didn’t do that a month ago. People would like him. No shit. He was able to poke fun at himself, Cindy was frighteningly perfect as the silent jewelry model, and Tina Fey, well, she was Tina Fey. That appearance might be evidence of the campaign jumping a shark, but only because JMcC is a tight-ass grumpy old fart. If he were able to loosen up a bit and do stuff like that more often, his appeal would go through the roof. It was brilliant comedy, and McCain was able to play along, even while parody-ing himself. Thank god it happened November 2 instead of October 2. Too little too late. Whew! Bullet dodged!

  3. denise@EatPlayLove

    Heading over to watch. I HATE missing the good ones. Darn. Ben Affleck wasn’t it. Sigh!

  4. michelle

    I was all over this morning…very humble and likable…did I just say that outloud? Yeah, it was like he’s already lost. He wanted to go out with a laugh. Even his dopey wife was good in the skit.

  5. Heather

    I thought the skit was hilarious. I am going to miss Tina Fey doing Palin. And I am so ready for Wednesday so the country can move on already.

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