Mar 05 2012

They’ll be picking out the boat names

Last night the whole crew and I had dinner with Kim, of Reluctant Renovator and Hormone Colored Days fame, and her whole crew. I’ve known her for almost as long as I’ve been writing here, and yes, is one of the many friends I met through the interwebz. It was the first time I’d seen the massive improvements on her new-to-her 1950s home; last time I was at her house I put a hammer through her wall (it was awesome). That wall is now gone, replaced by a lovely kitchen bar half wall. We all had a great time, and I got to see that ZOMG! Home improvements actually DO move past the “ohh, this gotta get fixed now!” stage.

It’s our turn.

Tomorrow I have two different electricians coming to let me name their boat quote me the cost to bring the wiring in this place up to please don’t let my house burn down 21st century load requirements. We’ve known for some time that this day was coming, but it’s not going to make the sticker shock any less painful.

So wiring is first on the list, followed by painting as soon as we can open some windows. Hopefully gardening and a bit of landscaping for a patio. By then I’ll have run out of organs for alternative payment and will have to wait another year for them to grow back.

It’s a good house, a great neighborhood, wonderful neighbors. Time to make it our own.


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  1. JenC

    My husband made the mistake of pointing out a home repair book to me yesterday. I just bought a programmable thermostat and I’m putting it in this weekend. I told him that if I start an electrical fire, it’s his fault. And I’m getting quotes on hardwood flooring/ paint/ storm door installation/ ceiling fan replacement this week. So I’ll join you in house-rehab hell.


    1. Jen

      The difference being your home was built in 2003/4 and this one in 1966. LOL! House Rehab Hell…good name for a rock band.

  2. Kate

    Don’t talk to my husband about House Rehab Hell, he might form the band just to tour and get out of some of the work our new place needs.

  3. My Kids Mom

    Our 1970 house might just kill us. My dad was a Mr Fixit guy, and my husband THINKS he is too.

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