Oct 09 2006

Things I need explained to me with diagrams and flow charts and such

How can I go out of town for 3 1/2 days and be a week behind? That’s really not fair. But the retreat was awesome and since everyone back here had a great weekend also, it was the first time I didn’t dread coming home.

Did you hear that thud? That was winter descending upon Colorado. I drove through spitting snow home from Winter Park yesterday. Now it is raining, we’ll be lucky if we hit 45 degrees today, and it’s supposed to snow on Wednesday in Denver. Wasn’t it just bitchin’ hot? I seem to recall being bloody miserable without the a/c on.

I understand sports superstitions, I’m a Cubs fan. We don’t talk about their chances, ’cause then they blow it. I made the mistake of saying something on this here blog early this spring and last I checked, my beloved Cubbies were dead last. So I know from superstitions. But Tom has gone off the deep end today. The Broncos play tonight on Monday Night Football. He is convinced that his Broncos polo shirt is lucky and must be worn if they are to win. Mind you, this is a man who HATED football until he moved to Colorado, having spent too many Friday nights in a marching band uniform. It is damp and cold and miserable and he’s wearing a short-sleeved shirt because it’s “lucky.” No, wait, it gets better. Not just a short-sleeved shirt, but a short-sleeved shirt with a mock turtleneck underneath it, because a sweater over it would negate the luckiness and thus, the Broncos would lose. If the Broncos lose tonight I’m going to wet myself laughing.

Five year olds. Someone is going to have to explain to me why five year olds love potty talk. Not just A and his friends, but cute, sweet, little girls as well. Then again, I curse like a sailor, so who am I to judge?

And finally, why oh why do new electronics, especially of the computer variety, come with no instructions? They’re not that intuitive. So I guess I’ll be watching the Broncos game tonight (complete with husband’s bizarre attire) while farting around getting my iPod set up. Just must remember to keep laptop/iPod off lap, just in case Broncos lose and I, uh, wet myself laughing.


  1. Karin

    And here I was so happy because it looks like we’ve finally left the 90s pretty much behind…lol! Happy winter. 😉

  2. Beth

    And only here in the great football mecca that is the BRONCOS would it still be OK for a transplant to become such a fan. You must take pictures, as I’m fairly certain that I’ve never seen a grown man in a mock turtleneck AND a polo shirt.

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