Sep 18 2007

Things on my mind

If the pediatric dentist were to open a liquor store or brewpub next door to the office, they’d make a killing. And I get to go through this with A next month. Oh joy. Dude, it’s just a cleaning! Chill!


There’s been a news story going around the last day or so about kids getting caught in escalators because of their Crocs. Why is this news? Kids have been getting caught in escalators since escalators began running. My brother (gah, I think it was him, it coulda been me) got his shoelaces caught in one when he was a youngun. I personally think the Crocs would be safer–no laces. And frankly, parents need to keep an eye/hand/duct tape on kids on escalators anyway. End rant.


The school under construction behind my house is going up so quickly. I’m fascinated by the construction. There are (I think) roughly 5 layers to the floor, with the rebar, and cement, and insulation, and more rebar… The workers amaze me. They scurry over and around the metal frame like squirrels in trees. All I can think is that they’re working without a net! Or safety ropes! Up and down, up and down, over this, under that, no hesitation whatsoever. This morning I watched two of them as they fit corrugated sheet metal on a 45 degree angle roof. I just stood there with my mouth hanging open, coffee getting cold, as they scampered over the sheet metal that wasn’t yet fastened to the frame without a care in the world.
Oh, and we’re losing very little view…and Tom isn’t losing any. He calls it a perk of having a corner office.


A’s first grade teacher is…sigh…she’s rapidly ending up on my doodoo list. Not replying to my emails at all is really starting to tick me off. Sending my son home on Friday with all the work he didn’t complete that week with only a post-it note saying to help him with it added insult to injury. This was after keeping him in at recess to finish his writing…writing that overwhelms him to the point of shutting down…and he wasn’t even inside for that recess, he had to sit outside with a clipboard to write, while watching his friends run around and play. Yeah, we’re actively working with the administration and (snort) the teacher to help him. And I really gotta watch what I say, ’cause she now has a blogger blog for the classroom and if I’m logged on and leave a comment, I’m easy to find. And that would be bad. Badbadbad. This site would be taken down faster than I could contact anyone to let ’em know. Sigh…


It’s a good thing I see my thyroid doc next week, ’cause I’m thinking a bump in my meds would be a good thing. I’m back to feeling wiped out, and I doubt it’s the wishing I had another 10 hours a day to get things done. Last week I sat down and woke up an hour later. That ain’t good.


Winner of the caption contest? Andrea, with “This one time, at band camp…” Thanks for playing, all!


More to do, and only 90 minutes until A is home from school.

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