Aug 10 2008

Things that make you go, “WTF?”

I saw a blind man on a Segway the other day. Complete with a white tapping guide stick.

That is all.


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  1. Christina Shaver

    Did he have to have an extra long stick? Quite the dare-devil!

  2. Dawn on MDI

    This is so odd, I felt I just HAD to comment. But what the hell do you say to follow that? Good grief. I may tell my blind bus passenger story one of these days on my blog. I think you might like it.
    A scooter thing? No kidding. Just incredible.

  3. Lisa

    God Lord! I hope you weren’t in his path!!

  4. Lisa

    um…that would be *good Lord!

  5. mrsvierkant

    And you didn’t take a picture of this? Why not? LOL

  6. Kim/hormone-colored days

    Maybe was a joke?

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