Jul 07 2011

Today I’m THE MOM. Literally.

Literal Mom

I am the Literal Mom of the day over at Literal Mom. What does this mean? Do I get a tiara, a parade, an entourage? No, nope, and doubtful. I’d go for a shirtless Jamie Bamberpacking my house, but that’s not likely to happen and I’m afraid I am now entirely distracted by that mental image. Ahem. Missy’s description of a Literal Mom is simple:

A Literal Mom doesn’t fit into “one size fits all” parenting. Her sole responsibility is to raise self-reliant kids, and it’s a hard journey. She’s constant vigilance, and worries about the future. She’s love without boundaries, knowing boundaries are necessary in all facets of life. She’s a work in progress, because children and life are works in progress.

So head on over to see what Missy wrote about me. I don’t know yet what she has written…and now I’m wondering if I want to know. Hm.


  1. Missy | The LIteral Mom

    Thanks for being featured! Hurray, you!

  2. Eva Gallant

    Just stopped by from Literal Mom via SITS to say hello. Hope you have time to do the same.

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