Oct 09 2007


Mood: whiny, mildly crabby, will snap out of it mid-afternoon
To-Do list: at 10 (large items) as of 10:20 AM.
Weather: sunny and pleasant
Plans for the day: take J to Music Together class, hit natural foods store, catch up on aforementioned to-do list
Dinner: pot roast, potatoes, carrots, onions, maybe rhubarb pie for dessert
Concerns: how do I put audio files on my blog (without having to offer up my first-born or learn HTML), guilt over not having read blogs for a couple of weeks (I’m really sorry), why does my stomach hurt (do I have a long-running bug or a food allergy? I’m really sick of this, I feel like doodoo), my cousin’s wife (my age) who is having cervical cancer surgery today…my whiny concerns seem pretty pathetic now
What I’m reading (yeah, don’t collapse from shock): “Is This Your Child?” by Doris Rapp. Someday I look forward to reading for pleasure, not research.

And enough whining, I need to get to music class. Eventually I’ll get my mojo back and be amusing and pleasant and commenty on other blogs. Right now, I’m so busy that something’s gotta give…sigh…

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