May 03 2006

Trying to find the bright side…

Well, it turns out that a 6 point ticket ain’t all that great. It’s actually pretty bad. I guess it could be worse. I could have been going 61 in a 35, through a construction zone in front of a school, with my kids unrestrained in the back of the van and a Fat Tire in my hand. With Aunt Edna tied to the roof. Could always be worse.


  1. Theresa

    Oh boy…6 points…

  2. Jen

    Yeah, it’s going to be pretty ugly. Thankfully Tom has been pretty restrained in his comments. I warned him that no jokes about my lead foot should be made until today, so now he’s free to be snarky. Six points is going to hurt, and I had a crystal clear record before this.

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