May 23 2008


I suppose I should have mentioned yesterday that we’re all fine here. The storms and tornadoes were all north of here and missed us. We had a bit of rain and hail and that’s it. Pure luck. A is still talking about it, and will for the foreseeable future, but that’s how he is. His school was under lockdown for an hour yesterday and everyone in his classroom was under their desks for that entire time. I’ve never been so thankful he’s in an interior room with no windows. Seeing the dark clouds would have panicked him. His teacher, bless her, gave the kids a test (while they were under their desks) so they’d be quiet and have something to focus on. But we’re all ok here. Lots of clouds today and the possibility of storms, but I doubt much will come from it.

My inbox overfloweths. Ninety emails and counting.
I officially enrolled A in the new school today. Very hard to do, but I feel good about it. I’ve heard the school will officially have a GT focus, so it is definitely a good move for him. And I love the commute.
I hit an all-new record today: $52.95 to fill my minivan. I rolled into Costco this morning on fumes, so that was for a full tank of gas. It’s the very first time I’ve gone over $50 for gas. When Tom and I first moved to Colorado, $50 was our monthly gas budget. I actually shouted at the gas tank and f*ck may have escaped my lips. Tom’s next car (mid-summer) will be a hybrid and I’m looking into trading in my van for something more fuel efficient. Too bad the only hybrid SUV I could afford (damn, I’d love a hybrid Toyota Highlander) is a Ford Escape and sorry, not buying an American car. Personal preference.
Given the high cost of gas we’re not going anywhere this weekend. Besides, it’s not Memorial Day weekend in The Casa of Chaos if we’re not painting! This year it’s the living room/dining room (well, it’s an office now)/stairway/upstairs hallway; vaulted ceilings abound. This is going to involve tall ladders, scaffolding, and prayer. So Saturday through Wednesday (thankfully Tom took off a few days) we’ll be painting. Let’s hope we’ll still be married by the end. At least it’s not wallpaper.
My attempt to grow out my hair has hit the wall. I’m done. I do this all the time. I want long, flowing, feminine hair and somehow my scalp doesn’t get the memo. I end up with thin, scraggly, mousy brown locks. I’m going back to my short hair (think Rachel Maddow on Countdown with Keith Olbermann; can’t find a link, watch tonight). Maybe I’ll color it too. But I look frumpy right now and frankly I can do that on my own, don’t really need my hair to help out.
J has started taking afternoon naps again. WTF? How’d that happen? Not arguing, but dang! An unexpected gift.
Have a great weekend. Grill out, mow the lawn, and remember the troops. However you feel about the wars this country is currently involved in, remember our troops and their families. They’re suffering more than anyone right now.


  1. Christina Shaver

    Not in any particular order:

    I hear ya on the minivan fill-up. Although from fumes yesterday it cost me a whopping $67!!!! I need to fill up every eight to nine days. That is a HUGE chunk o’ change to plop down for running errands and taking kids to school.

    Go A on the nap!!

    Hair extensions.

    Glad to hear the school thang is behind you and you’re looking forward!

  2. Lisa

    Well, now that I spend an average of 5 nights per week driving back and forth to the bar, I’ve been putting an extra $100+ in my tank every week! I filled up the other night, and it ran me $58! For a sedan that wasn’t even completely empty!!!! Instead of this venture being a source of extra income, this damn bar has cost me butt-loads of moola since we opened!!!

    So glad you guys are all ok. I was so relieved to get your email. Enjoy your long weekend of painting. Is that possible!? 😉

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