May 30 2007

WFMW: Painting behind a toilet

I’ve had several comments wondering how to paint behind a toilet. I’m assuming you mean “How to paint behind a toilet without cursing like a drunken sailor,” so I’ll give you the tip the way-cool gal at Home Depot shared with us.

You need a paint-stirrer stick and one of these:
It’s a refill pad for a paint edger. Very flat. Tape the refill pad to the flat paint stir-stick. Lotsa tape. Go nuts. Dip into your paint tray and voila! You have a super-duper thin/flat paint brush so you can paint behind the toilet. Now, a couple of things I learned. No points off for neatness; it’s behind the crapper, so basically if you’re covering the unpainted spots, you’re golden. Anyone getting that close down there to check out your paint job is unhinged, and do you really value their opinion anyway? And the other thing I learned: you’re going to be trying to see sideways to see how well you’re covering. Don’t lean your head into wet paint unless you’re going for the punk look. I gotta tell ya, the dark sagey green highlights I was sporting for awhile there was hot.

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