Aug 08 2008

You have to be kidding me!

I never, in my wildest, horrified nightmares, would have expected John Edwards to have had an affair. You have GOT to be kidding me. When men are sworn into office, do their brains turn off? Do their dicks just take over? ‘Cause I just don’t effing get it.


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  1. RC

    I just feel bad for his wife with everything she has been through. Good grief.

    Yes, I’m pretty certain a different head orders all movement on men in politics.

  2. Angie @ Keep Believing

    I would not have thought that either. And YIKES while hs poor wife is battling aggressive cancer. Pretty low. However, I will say that I have found out many people around me were having affairs that I never would have thought, either.


  3. denise @ EatPlayLove

    Love the affair while his wife was ill. What an ass. Guess that explains the $400 haircuts, needed to look good for the other woman, his campaign manager knocked up. Nice, sharing the ladies. Wonder if it was on the tour bus?

  4. karen (Pediascribe)

    Well, I’m sure Elizabeth was just too sick and fatigued to put out. If I were her, I’d be putting something out now…..JOHN!

  5. Dawn on MDI

    This story just broke my heart. I had held that Edwards was just too squeaky clean to get elected, but it turns out it was all a fake. He is still the smartest guy out there on labor issues, and I think he’d make a great Secretary of Labor in an Obama administration, but he’s going to have to endure some real public hell before America (especially her women) forgive this mistake. How incredibly shitty. While his wife was sick. Damn.

  6. Lisa

    I hate to sound like a bitter bitch, but he IS a man. I’m seriously starting to doubt that there are ANY out there that can keep it in their pants. With, of course, the exception of your husband!! 😉

  7. childsplay

    I have to say, with most public figures I just assume the gossip…but I really didn’t with him. 🙁


  8. Christina Shaver

    Wait! Wait! Wait!! You’re shocked that Edwards had an affair? I’m flabbergasted that the NATIONAL ENQUIRER actually broke the story. Maybe I need to give them more credit — maybe there really are aliens among us!

  9. magneto bold too

    I was all ‘isnt that the psychic dude?’ when others have been talking about it but now I know. He is doing a Clinton. Who did a Kennedy.

    It is all about the power.

  10. texasholly @ June Cleaver Nirvana

    Quite the measure of the man to watch to see how he supports his wife in her time of need. I want to go smack him. hard.

  11. Mama Zen

    I hope that Elizabeth castrates him.

  12. mrsvierkant

    I don’t have too much respect for the powers that be these days.

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