Jan 11 2007

You’re out there somewhere…

I know people read this blog, I see my stats. I’ve seen that there are readers from Dublin, Ireland (which I’ve visited and loved), from locations in Iowa (which freaks me out, ’cause I think it’s an in-law), and places all over the globe. Very few comments. It’s National De-Lurking Week. Humor me, let me know you’ve been here. I’m lonely. ; )


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  1. Beth

    I’m here – reading every post!!

  2. cursingmama

    Iowa would freak me out too 😉

  3. Dave

    I read you sis, that is, when no one is in my office to see me reading “personal pages” on a government computer. Love ya.

  4. Andrea

    I’m here! And only on the internet – National De-Lurking Week. What a crack up 🙂

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