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#168Hours Challenge Day Five
#168Hours Challenge Day Five

#168Hours Challenge Day Five

Yes, day 5 was yesterday. I made the executive decision to hang out with my husband and crash on the couch instead of posting the day’s log. I’m making up for it now; he and I are both crashed on the couch with our respective laptops open, typing away. We’re bringing sexy back, I tell ya what!

7:00 am: Up, breakfast, hang out with the boys, plan the day
9:00 am: Get cleaned up
9:45 am: Catch up on emails
10:00 am: #gtchat on Twitter
11:00 am: Talked to my mom, bandaged knees (if this week is any indication we’re going to run out of bandaids on a regular basis), scheduled J’s 6th birthday party
Noon: Prepped lunch for the boys
12:30 pm: Signed A up for golf lessons/boys to camp
1:15 pm: Lunch for me
1:30 pm: New job paperwork
2:20 pm: Work making calls
3:45 pm: Get boys
4:15 pm: Fix boys’ computer, business call, start pizza dough, make dinner, mail, hang with the fam
6:30 pm: Movie pizza dinner
8:30 pm: Boys to bed
9:00 pm: Hang out with Tom (aka pass out on the couch watching TV)
11:30 pm: Stumble to bed
Truly, I live a life on the edge.

Whaddya think?

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