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#168Hours Challenge: Day Seven
#168Hours Challenge: Day Seven

#168Hours Challenge: Day Seven

Again, yes, I realize Day Seven was yesterday. I do also realize that with better time management that I probably could have gotten this posted last night. But I do know one thing: Dinner Date Night is sacred and I wasn’t getting back on the computer. So, the log:

6:00 am: Mistakenly up with the boys because I thought it was later than it was. No Father’s Day Breakfast in Bed Surprise is worth getting up at 6 am on a Sunday. A had already been up for an hour.
6:03 am: Passed out on couch after threatening the boys with pink nail polish and Princess videos if they woke me.
7:00 am: Breakfast in bed to Tom, snuggling with the fam in bed
7:45 am: Breakfast, paper
9:30 am: Cleaned up
10:15 am: Toy Story 3
1:15 pm: Lunch
2:45 pm: Emails
3:00 pm: Pay bills (I live such an exciting life)
3:30 pm: Emails, Twitter
4:30 pm: Pick garlic scapes from the garden (MMmmm…), Twitter, emails
5:00 pm: Update iPhone (ooh, got the new iOS4 today…it’s glitter and fairies and unicorns farting rainbows all wrapped up in a tidy little package), Shutterfly (which took forever because Safari kept crashing on the site)
5:45 pm: Clean kitchen, reboot laundry
6:00 pm: Talk to my SIL about wedding photos I want to order
6:30 pm: Get boys dinner
6:45 pm: Chat with a friend who stopped by to pick up our old sandbox
7:15 pm: Boys to bed (early because of Dinner Date Night; they read until 8 pm)
7:30 pm: Dinner Date Night (dinner with the movie 2012, which couldn’t have been any more over the top)
10:oo pm: Bed
So there ya go. Seven days of keeping a time log. I learned a few things, was surprised by a few things, and wasn’t surprised by other things. So glad I did this; I highly recommend it if you’ve been wondering where time has been going.

Whaddya think?

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