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#168Hours challenge: Day Three
#168Hours challenge: Day Three

#168Hours challenge: Day Three

I’m starting to see patterns now in how I spend my time. Like, I spend more time than I should picking up after the heathens I call my sons. It’s not noted on my log because it’s a few minutes here and a few minutes there, but as I’m more aware of my time, holy hell do I spend a lot of minutes doing that. Gonna end. I’m also more aware of how much I multi-task, and I think that may be why I feel like I never really get anything accomplished.

I’d also sell my sons for a glass of wine right now. Or chocolate. Or bacon. Or chocolate covered bacon washed down with wine. Bloody detox diet. I have a Tastefully Simple party to attend tomorrow night, followed by book club (haven’t read the book…sigh), and by God I’m going off that diet for tomorrow night!

Digression, digression…

Today’s log.

7:45 am: Drag sorry ass out of bed, eat breakfast while reading emails/Facebook (I’ve started making the boys make their own breakfasts; I’m sick of the whining and complaining about what I make that early in the day)
8:45 am: Get cleaned up, tidy up the house
9:55 am: Read Sunday comics, email, Facebook, Twitter
10:45 am: Plan the summer with the boys
11:15 am: Gardening
12:00 noon: Mutter nastily at MacDreamy why I can’t open an Excel file with Mac’s Numbers, prepare boys’ lunches
12:45 pm: Boys to camp
1:00 pm: Conference call for new job while sitting in car…dash home
1:20 pm: Continue conference call at home
2:00 pm: Set up Excel/Numbers fix, fill out new job paperwork
2:30 pm: Lunch while reading emails
3:00 pm: Renew Illinois teaching certificate online because I can’t find the paper copy and yes, it really did take an entire freaking half hour of my life
3:30 pm: Phone calls
3:45 pm: Get boys from camp
4:00 pm: Library, renew subdivision’s membership cards so I can embarrass myself in a swimsuit in public this summer
4:30 pm: Hang with boys
4:45 pm: Emails
5:00 pm: Prep dinner
5:30 pm: Dinner
6:30 pm: Emails, set up HootSuite (which is giving me more than a few fits)
7:00 pm: Call around to find sitter for next Friday night. Seriously teens, I pay well. Quit growing up and going out.
7:30 pm: Supervise showers, bedtime stories, tuck in boys
8:30 pm: Write this post

The rest of the evening will likely be read, avoid looking at the box of wine on the fridge, maybe some TV, ignore the wine calling me, order Father’s Day gifts for my dad and FIL, and pretend that water tastes like wine. No, please, no Jesus comments on that last one.

With a time log keeping me honest and a new job, I really picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue…erm…give up wine.


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