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#168Hours Challenge: Day Two
#168Hours Challenge: Day Two

#168Hours Challenge: Day Two

If there’s one thing this challenge is doing for me this week, it’s keeping me honest as to how I actually do spend my time. I feel more structured, somehow. I don’t think I was squandering my time before, but now I’m truly planning out my time a little more carefully. Kinda. Still wondering where the hell the time is going.

6:30 am: Slap off alarm whilst thinking profane thoughts about all manners of sound before coffee, get cleaned up, get boys up
7:30 am: Breakfast
8:00 am: Boys to dentist, read “168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think” while waiting (they’re so darned efficient there I barely got two pages read)
9:00 am: Played Wii with boys, had my ass handed to me by a couple of whelps
9:45 am: Costco with boys. Why do I do this to myself?
11:15 am: Unpack foods, clean kitchen pantry, make boys’ lunches
12:30 pm: Lunch
12:45 pm: Boys to camp
1:15 pm: Blog writing
2:15 pm: Cleaned the unholy amount of produce I purchased at Costco
3:00 pm: Emails
3:45 pm: Get boys from camp
4:15 pm: Finish produce prep (seriously, I’m talking pounds here), clean kitchen, clean out fridge so aforementioned produce has a place to hopefully not rot
5:45 pm: Dinner and clean up
6:45 pm: Prep for training meeting for new job
7:00 pm: Training
8:30 pm: Emails and Facebook farting around
9:30 pm: Write this post
The rest of my night will likely be spent watching Family Guy, reading a mindless magazine, and wishing to high hell I could have a glass of wine. Darned detox diet.

Whaddya think?

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