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48 hours
48 hours

48 hours

While I’ve always been a fan of the Friday, it’s escalated to an entirely new level since reentering the workforce. Now it’s a day of dress jeans to work, relief there is no homework waiting to kill the evening, and pizza night. Always pizza night. For three years now pizza night.

And forty-eight hours to attempt to accomplish all that has been put off for the previous 120.

I’m not entirely certain just long much longer we can maintain this without going fully batshit crazy.

On the plus side, I have finally managed to schedule a massage for tomorrow, in the hopes that the stress headache that has lived in my skull for the last several days is finally vanquished. I hurt from the base of my skull to my hips, then my right knee to ankle. I’m not quite to my mom’s “it’s all maintenance from here on out” status, but I’m getting damned close.

On the not-so-plus-side, this weekend will also be one of preparing for Thanksmas, as we are heading to Iowa on Wednesday. This means there will be Christmas shopping at some point this weekend, and holy hell I keep forgetting to find someone to watch the mutt.

Perhaps I should prepare some posts for the holiday weekend, so there is less drivel like this and a little more good stuff.

Forty eight hours to catch up, work ahead, dig out, prepare, and generally ignore the fact that you’re dying to sleep but there’s too much to do.

Just not quite enough.

Have  a good weekend.

Whaddya think?

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