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A month of Sundays
A month of Sundays

A month of Sundays

This is what I want for Christmas: a full, glorious month of Sundays. Not the bizarro world of February, with its “is it 28 days, is it 29 days, for Pete’s Sake someone get a calendar” month of Sundays, but a long, beeyootiful 31 days of Sunday. Not all in a row, noooo, but to be called on as needed. And in addition to the Sundays already on the calendar.

I have grown to love Sundays in the last several years…since about the time we moved into our house. I made the executive decision that we would relax on Sundays. No work, no obligations, no pressure. It is our day to do whatever we like. Or not. It’s Family Day. Most Sundays we go to church, but the world won’t come to a screeching halt if we don’t. Tom reads the Sunday paper from front to back, I putz around the house, the boys play or read or watch Mythbusters or Dirty Jobs. Sometimes we go out and do something, but most of the time we stay home.

In the spring and summer we may work in the garden, do yard work, or go to the park. In the fall and winter we typically watch the Broncos game in the afternoon, and snuggle up all warm in the house, laughing at the people at Mile High Stadium, freezing their bums off (this is what we’ll be doing this afternoon; we got 5+ inches of snow last night and it’s supposed to be a high of 30F today. Brrr…). And then, after the boys are in bed, Tom and I enjoy a glass of wine and watch our cartoons (The Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad) before crawling into our bed, nice and relaxed.

On Sundays we have a Real Family Dinner. This is something I brought from my own upbringing. A real dinner, something we don’t have the time or energy to do during the week. In the summer we may grill, in the winter it’s a crockpot dinner or something that bubbles on the stove all day, promising a delicious dinner later, or a new recipe we’ve been dying to try. Ok, we sometimes do this during the week, but on Sunday it’s what we usually do. Or not; tonight we’re just reheating the variety of soups I’ve made this week, but Tom is making his Danish Sweet Soup for dessert and I’ll make a batch of killer cheese biscuits. Hey, it’s a day of relaxation and doing what we want!

There are no rules of “must do this” on Sunday. For one day a week, this family headed by two first-born, Type A personalities relaxes and recuperates and prepares for the week ahead. It’s my perfect day, and as much as I’d love to have this attitude and relaxation every day, that would make my Sundays less loved; it would just be another day.

With that said, today is my perfect day. And I have things I want to go do…or not.


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