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A picture says a thousand words
A picture says a thousand words

A picture says a thousand words

But I’ll help the pictures along, ’cause why use one word when you can use three.

Isn’t J just about the cutest Bob the Builder you’ve ever seen? He was so excited and had no idea why. He just knew that he was dressed up as Bob and was holding a Kit Kat, his very favorite candy bar.

Yes, A was going to dress up as Captain Underpants, but we had subzero temperatures that night and he wisely changed his mind. He went as a soldier last year too. My brother is in the Army, so A’s costume was authentic. Well, I doubt real soldiers have plastic pumpkins and stuffed puppies with them, but you get the idea.

So A has been dressing up as Captain Underpants since Halloween. Nevermind that I have several layers on ’cause I’m freezing, he’s running around in his undies and a red cape. I keep wanting to shout “put some clothes on, I’m cold!” But he’s faster than a speeding waistband, able to leap tall buildings without getting a wedgie…you get the idea.

I’m going to go put on more layers. Brrr…

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