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A ski bunny I ain’t
A ski bunny I ain’t

A ski bunny I ain’t

Yesterday Beth and I were supposed to go skiing. Our planning went something like this:

Six months ago: “Hey, we should go skiing!”

Four months ago: “We should set a date.”

Two months ago: “We still doing this?”

Two weeks ago: “Are we really doing this?”

Two days ago: “What time are we going? How does this work? What do we need to do?”

Yesterday: “I forgot the goggles I borrowed. I don’t have ski pants. Where’s my hood?” (note, this was at 6:30 am)

We got all the way up to Eldora to ski…and the wind was blowing the bee-yu-tiful fresh powder horizontally. Uh, me don’t think so. I’ve never been on skis, and learning to ski on a day with 40+mph winds just didn’t sound like a whole lotta fun. Plus there was a shortage of instructors because of the abundance of kids up there taking lessons (Eldora is just up the hill from Boulder, so a lot of kids go up there on the weekend for lessons).

So instead we went to breakfast, hit Hobby Lobby, and overall, spent less money than if we had gone skiing in the first place. And stayed warm, which is the most important thing of all.

Whaddya think?

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