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Affirmation Dinner-20160507-0764Welcome! I’m Jen Merrill, and this is my little slice of the internets. Here I rant rave scream write about whatever goes through my head, which is usually better than mumbling to myself as I shuffle down the street; you get strange looks that way.

I ramble on giftedness and  twice-exceptionalities; on the eternal quest for life balance; on raising boys; on the uber-silliness that is life, the universe, and everything. My goals are to find the silver lining, to laugh to keep from screaming, to share the stories of my crazy life so that others know they’re not alone in their crazy lives.

I’m a passionate gifted/2e education advocate (quick summary: gifted=wiring). You can find me most Fridays on Twitter (noon and 7pm EST), participating in #gtchat. It’s a wonderful place to learn about the gifted wiring so many of our kids (and ourselves) have and cope with on a daily basis.

When I grow up I want to be a writer. Worst kept secret in the world.

After fourteen years of Colorado living, my family and I returned to the Chicago area in summer 2011. It’s been quite a change, with twists and turns and unexpected paths. We miss Colorado, but we wouldn’t trade the proximity to family for anything.

You can contact me at laughingatchaos AT gmail DOT com. Or follow me on Twitter. Or read and comment on every post here. Go ahead. You have nothing else to do, right?


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