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Ahh…the “joys” of motherhood
Ahh…the “joys” of motherhood

Ahh…the “joys” of motherhood

If I had known six years ago what I know now, I probably would have raised Alpacas instead.

Nah. Sometimes it’s really good.

Yesterday I started off my day scooping squishy green poop into vials. I’m off guacamole until further notice. Gah. J has had some sort of non-stop stomach ick for over a week. How the kid can poop like that and still eat and be happy is beyond me. So I had the unmentionable joy of filling a shit kit for lab tests. Even before a cup of coffee. If I could take a Brillo pad and scrub out that memory, I’d do it.

But today we took the boys to the museum to play. They love going there, there’s a big astronomy exhibit that’s very hands on. And now there’s an exhibit called Engineer IT! where you can plan out different things, build them, and learn from it. A built and launched a rocket, J played in the water for the boats and I didn’t take a damn picture.

And it was a really good day, the first one in a long time. It was fun. These are the days we want more of, fewer of the “poop scooping” days. Is that so much to ask?


  1. Me

    Many (many!) years from now, you will remember the “poop scooping” days with humor and the “good days” with so much fondness. Somehow the bad days sort of fade away, but the fun times (and we had sooo many) remain in your heart.

    Keep the “good” thought!

  2. cursingmama

    I have conferences for Gameboy this week – How much do you wanna bet I’m signing on for Alpaca’s after that?

    If I had a magic eraser for memory I’d send it over.

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