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Bullet point Tuesday
Bullet point Tuesday

Bullet point Tuesday

Ahh…when buried up to the neck in things that must be done because you were gone for five days, you write bullet points.

  • If it’s trash day, it’s high-wind warning day! Mother Nature has a sense of humor. She also apparently has no problem with trash blowing all over the neighborhood. The neighbors disagree. This is out of hand, being at least the third trash day with 35+ mph winds.
  • Today is Square Root Day (03/03/09). Go get funky with your bad math self.
  • The economy is continuing with it’s Cranial-Rectal Inversion. It’s the new yoga asana: how far can it stick its own head up its ass? I’m thinking of burying cash in the backyard, only Rosie might dig it up. I’m pretty sure we’re past a recession at this point. Can we force-feed Prozac to the economy? Please?
  • Did I mention it was windy? Red-flag warning day (high winds, low humidity, extreme fire danger).
  • I was once asked what my pet-peeves were. I’d like to now add not receiving thank you notes. That is all.
  • My next-door neighbors are moving to California. Anyone want to buy a sweet little ranch house? I’m a great neighbor and I share my garden produce…especially the rhubarb.
  • I love my sister in law. She’s witty, intelligent, and beautiful. My brother chose well.  However…bitch lost 60 pounds since I saw her last year. Good thing I love her so much or I’d be jealous. Who am I kidding? Jealous as hell. Still love her, though.
  • Don’t mess with a mom who can’t find childcare. The Army has now learned this. This woman is my hero, for creativity if nothing else.
  • The Great Summer Camp Search 2009 lives on. Why must summer camps be so expensive? I only have two kidneys, and two kids with many weeks of summer to fill. That math doesn’t add up.
  • Hey, must be spring! There’s a fly in my house. Hours of entertainment for Rosie.
  • Guess what?! Four hours after starting this post, it’s still blowing. And I’m slowly losing my mind.
  • Second sign of spring: Roger the Rhubarb Plant Hell-Bent on World Domination is starting to bud. In March. I think we may have had too warm of a winter.
  • Traveling with the boys was a true joy this weekend. They were polite and courteous to other passengers. They carried their own luggage (!). They were patient for the whole experience, including driving from Chicago to Springfield and back again the next day. May all trips with them be that fantastic.

Alrighty, enough. I read two books this weekend (yes, please, pick yourself up off the floor); reviews this week. Back to the grind.


  1. I’d be your neighbor in a heartbeat if you didn’t have a growing mountain just off your view west. My hubby has issues with living so close to such a land attraction, as he grew up just across the river from one.

    Sigh, with my school dilemma it would be perfect. Wah!

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